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book icon I write …

  • Novels:
    My works-in-progress are “Atlantis” and “Harper, Warrior, and Witch” (working titles)
  • Short Stories:
    You can read a few right here!
  • Poems:
    … words do what they will …

book icon I translate …

  • Novels — as a freelance translator
  • But also my own works, for example my WIP “Atlantis”

book icon I proofread and edit …

  • Novels,
  • short stories and
  • other texts as a freelance editor

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Wise Words

“... love had worked its magic. Maybe it had. People are so frightened of that word; it's only acceptable when it applies to mothers and children, or two beautiful young people having an affair. It's a much bigger word than that.”

—  Elizabeth Peters