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The Scent of Loneliness

“I don’t even like cats,” the old man told the black kitten that huddled between the garbage bins in the cul-de-sac behind his local. He ha…

Until that Time

“The date and place of my death are written. Until that time I am invincible.” *

The new priest did not like that saying. Especially when a wo…

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A Small Blue House

It is a small house, nothing special. A ready-to-order house out of a catalogue, fitting squarely, conveniently into its niche between apartment bu…

The Target

It was as dreary and rotten a future as they came.

She stared into the oily water below her. When soft forms just below the surface hinted at what exactly drifte…

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Wise Words

“Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky.”

—  Alan Moore