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I respect copyright, Creative Commons and similar licenses. All content published on this website is carefully checked to be compliant with its respective copyrights, licenses, terms and conditions. However, despite my best efforts, errors can occur and mistakes may be made. Therefore, if you feel that any content used on this website infringes your rights or that any terms governing its use are violated, please contact me and give me the opportunity to rectify the situation before taking any kind of formal action.

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This website may contain material not suitable for young children (e.g. foul language, references to sex, violence and intense situations). Parents should not let their children use this website unsupervised and they should examine each page or post carefully before allowing them to use it.

I ask all minors to please consult their parents before browsing this website.

Disclaimer of Content

The content of this website has been researched to the best of my knowledge and ability. However, despite my best efforts towards correctness and accuracy of the content, the absence of grammar, spelling or factual errors cannot be guaranteed.

This site and all its content is provided “as is”, without any guarantees or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of its contents. All rights to modify and/or discontinue any or all parts of this site without prior notice are reserved and at my sole discretion. I also assume no responsibility to keep the site updated and accessible, no matter which browser, internet connection or interface users may employ.

Any liability is disclaimed to the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law. In particular for any any indirect, incidental, consequential and special damages or consequences that may arise through direct or indirect use of the website content.

Disclaimer of Links, Referrals and Cross-references of Any Kind

Any links from the Stephantasy website to other websites are only meant to enhance and to provide additional information. Users following any external links do so at their own risk.

I do not accept any responsibility for the content of websites linked to from the Stephantasy website (“external links”), or the information displayed there. Neither am I responsible for the content on other websites, nor am I in a position to influence the creation of content on other websites. The content of other sites  linked to or crossreference on the Stephantasy website does not reflect my opinion. I expressly disassociate myself from those sites and state explicitly that I do not endorse the content of those other sites.

The statement above applies to all links on this website. The owners of other websites linked to from the Stephantasy website  (“external links”) are solely liable for any illegal, incorrect or incomplete content of their websites, and in particular, for any damage arising from the direct or indirect use or disuse of their content.

Additionally, I do not associate myself or identify myself with the content of external websites of third parties that link to the Stephantasy website. I assume no responsibility or liability for any content on such external websites, since I have no control over and no influence on its creation and publication.

Privacy Policy

I do not collect any personal information about any user unless that information is provided voluntarily by sending an e-mail, leaving a comment, completing an Order form or similar activities. If you have submitted any information at the Stephantasy website that you want to have removed for any reason, please contact me.

Any data submitted at the Stephantasy website will be used only for the purpose the user submitted it for, and for legally or technically necessary administrative purposes. No personal information will ever be used to send commercial or marketing messages without the user’s consent. Stephantasy says No! to spam.

Warning: If the personal information published on the Stephantasy website is used for sending unwanted commercial or marketing messages or for any other illegal purpse by third parties, legal action will be taken.

Legal Validity of this Disclaimer

By using this website, you accept this disclaimer. If any part of this disclaimer is not or not anymore in accordance with applicable law, this shall not affect the content or binding effect of any other sections of this disclaimer.

This disclaimer and any claims or suits associated with the Stephantasy website or its use shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany, excluding any principles of conflicts of laws.

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